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Right now there is not any direct option to get ad states unless users search ClassiPress.

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Plugin to display states/provinces of ads in mega menu and individual ads pages with seo friendly url.

The idea of this plugin is to display ads states in different pages so user can easily get selective states from states list and see all ads for that states by few clicks.

This idea makes your site added more seo urls to rank your site for search engine.

Plugin have make states or you can say states detail pages seo friendly and use same design of ClassiPress theme.

Added mega menu in additional to make site more useful and attractive for easy user interface.


  • Display states/provinces of ads.
  • Easy to display ads states wise.
  • SEO friendly states url.
  • States in Mega Menu like category Mega menu.
  • In mega menu number of states display limit can be changed.
  • All states list in individual page via shotcode.
  • Pagination added on states list page in case of large data.
  • States wise ads pages which is states detail page like category pages.
  • Display ads layout similar as category listings of ClassiPress Theme.
  • Pagination option as per theme features.
  • Working with theme settings like post per page.
  • Responsive layout as per theme CSS.
  • Works good for major screen size devices(check demo for more experience).
  • Works in all major browsers.
  • WordPress Multi Site Compatible.
  • Localization Ready.


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