Home Widgets For ClassiPress

Display ads category and Ads filter by locations (country, state, city & postal code), category, tags either slider or grid view only for ClassiPress theme.

In this plugin package we have added individual widgets with so many different settings & features which set your home page more attractive and try to adjust page space for more meaningful & usable by display more & more content.

Current plugin working ONLY for ClassiPress theme not tested with any child themes.

Drag and drop those widgets to “Homepage” widget area to display for home page.

Mainly we have developed different Ads filter widgets as per below features
  • Ads Category List     –> which display all ads category list and/or selected category list/slider view, order as per widget settings
  • Location Wise Ads    –>    display ads either city or state or country or postal code/zip code wise filtered by latest, popular, random or sold ads in list/slider view.
  • Category Wise Ads    –>    display ads as either featured, all ads and category wise ads as per selected category filtered/order by latest, popular, random or sold ads in list/slider view.
  • Tags Wise Ads        –>    display ads  as per tag name/title (you may add multiple tags) filtered/order by latest, popular, random or sold ads in list/slider view.
  • Blog Post Widget    –> theme blog post widget display only grid list while we have added post slider and other design features.
  • Ads Posters            –> display list of ad poster/author with different features.
Widgets design features
  • Select front-end view display option.
  • Display widget content only for mobile, only for PC or display for both.
  • Widget top, bottom, left & right side space settings by manage margin settings.
  • Show/hide some display content to display different view and save space. like hide ads category link, ads content …….
Slider Features
  • Used theme slick-slider (used in features slider) so no slider related extra CSS or JavaScript added with this plugin.
  • Responsive & light weight with easy to manage and working for all size & type of devices.
  • Auto-play slide, infinite slide, slide per list, scroll slide, previous-next navigation & many more…..
  • Auto play slider enable/disable and slide timer settings.
View more link Features
  • Show/hide view more button settings.
  • Change link for view more button and add any URL.
  • Change view more button text option.
  • Open more link click in new window option.
Other Features
  • All widgets are starting with prefix of “HWCP”
  • Drag-drop widget and set widget settings.
  • Many design view like either slider view and/or list view option added for all widgets.
  • Localization ready
  • WordPress multi-site ready.
  • Clear and cool coding with necessary comments and tested by debug mode.
  • Responsive look and working good for all type & size of devices.
  • See demo for more details.

Home Control for ClassiPress

Makes ClassiPress site home more attractive, widgetize and easy to manage.
Separate page template to create and set new home page and it will make your home page widget ready.
Home page manage control is totally in your hand.
Home page full content screen section, full content(960px) section and sidebar via widget section can be easily managed.
If there is no sidebar set for new home page, it will work with default sidebar.
You may also use widgets like text widget to show your content or as per your idea.
We making your home page easy to control, more flexible and more attractive.

See more home page display options ::

Full Screen Home Page >>
Full Page Home – 960px in width >>
Home Page with – right sidebar >>
Home Page with – left sidebar >>


  • Display banner slider by using “Banner Slider For ClassiPress“.
  • Image gallery by using “Banner Slider For ClassiPress“.
  • Simple & attractive look.
  • Home page display options either full screen, full width(960px), with right and/or left sidebar.
  • Right sidebar home page and left sidebar home page with separate sidebar for home.
  • Different ads display style.
  • Display more ads in less space.
  • Speedup home page load by using good cache wp plugin.
  • Featured ads with different slide options.
  • Recent ads with different slide options.
  • Popular ads with different slide options.
  • Random ads with different slide options.
  • Sold ads with different slide options.
  • Popular ads by total views with different slide options.
  • Popular ads by today’s total views with different slide options.
  • Different category wise ads with different slide options.
  • Slider per ads settings to adjust ads as per size.
  • View more ads link and set url as per settings automatically.
  • Show/hide more ads link, option to add more link url manually, change more link text and open in new tab options.
  • Pagination and next-previous slide options.
  • Infinite loop slider.
  • Free slide mode to slide fast and flexible.
  • Auto play slide and auto play time settings.
  • Hide for mobile device.
  • All settings facility in one widget only.
  • Use all most ClassiPress theme widgets on home page.
  • Automatically adjust slider height as per banner height.
  • Responsive layout and most modern mobile touch.
  • Swipe easily on touch screen/mobile device.
  • Works good for major screen size devices(check demo for more experience).
  • Works in all major browsers.
  • WordPress Multi Site Compatible.
  • Localization Ready.

New Feature added after version : 1.0.1

  • New Category widget with attractive icons settings
    • widget name :: “WPWHC Category”.
    • It will display only parent categories.
  • Category icons admin settings
    • wp-admin >> Ads (left menu) >> Home Control ClassiPress > “Category Icons” tag.
    • Get category icons from >> http://fontawesome.io/icons/.
    • Get color code from >> http://htmlcolorcodes.com/ OR http://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_names.asp.

Banner Slider For Classipress

Earn more revenue profit by banner sliders on different pages that make your site more attractive. Plugin add the features to display banner sliders on different pages like home page, category pages & search page for more than one place like below header, above footer, above and below listings loop for category & search page.

Slider is responsive and most modern mobile touch.

Home page banner slider for 2 places. Click to see demo >>
Category page banner slider for 4 places. Click to see demo >>
Search page banner slider for 4 places. Click to see demo >>

Significant Features:

  • Display banner slider.
  • Increase profit revenue by display banners.
  • Responsive layout and most modern mobile touch.
  • Swipe easily on touch screen/mobile device.
  • Simple & attractive look.
  • Slider control by keyboard.
  • Display multiple banner slider on same page.
  • Banner slider either full width or content width.
  • Display full width slider for home page.
  • Display slider below header and above footer (2 places).
  • Display slider on each category listing pages and search page.
  • Display slider below header, above & below listing loop and above footer (4 places).
  • Display random banners on each refresh.
  • For each category pages, set different sliders from category add/edit settings.
  • Auto play slide and auto play time settings.
  • Pagination and next-previous slide options.
  • Infinite loop slider.
  • Automatically adjust slider height as per banner height.
  • Different slide effects.
  • Hide slider for mobile device.
  • Works good for major screen size devices(check demo for more experience).
  • Works in all major browsers.
  • WordPress Multi Site Compatible.
  • Localization Ready.

Slider Features

  • Responsive and most modern mobile touch.
  • Swipe easily on touch screen/mobile device.
  • Simple & attractive look.
  • Slider control by keyboard.
  • Display multiple banner slider on same page.
  • Auto play slide.
  • Pagination and next-previous slide.
  • Infinite loop slider.
  • Automatically adjust slider height.
  • Different slide effects.


Post An Ad WOW

Manage post an ad form attractive with background image for each category. The idea is only to make the post an ad form look great and different as per category selection. Admin can manage attractive background image for each category from wp-admin category settings and while any user select category from “Post An Ad” form, according to category settings, background image will appear until ad submission completed.

Significant Features:

  • Manage post an ad form attractive.
  • Form will look great and different category wise.
  • Manage background as advertisement.
  • Category selection become more meaningful.
  • Default background settings form all categories.
  • Set background settings for each category.
  • Form will display different as per category selected.
  • Form opacity settings for form highlight.
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 4.4+
  • Multisite Ready.

Plugin Usage & Description:

  • Admin can set common settings for all category from plugin settings page.
  • For each category wp-admin > add/edit page, you can set background image with necessary settings.
  • Admin can manage background image, Image Repeat, Image Size, Image Attachment, Image Position and Form Opacity….
  • User can hide the plugin settings for mobile device.
  • User can set Post An Ad form width.

Quick Search ClassiPress

jQuery quick search, filter and pagination to make the search faster, easy & reliable.


  • jQuery quick search, filter and pagination.
  • Make the search faster, easy & quickly.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Off-line Searching (works good without internet connectivity).
  • Simple & attractive look.
  • Listing & Grid view option.
  • Display Full page & page width sidebar both page template options.
  • Ads filter by title.
  • Ads filter by Address (either address,city,state,location,country or pincode).
  • Ads filter by category name.
  • Ascending and descending sorting.
  • Sort by title, price, date & total views.
  • Auto pagination control.
  • Items per page control.
  • Reset button Control.
  • jQuery JSON data to display & search data filter.
  • JSON data refresh by wordpress cronjob to manage latest search data.
  • No extra load for sever to search every time.
  • Search data will refresh automatically as per settings time(either every hour/twice a day/daily).
  • Refresh search data any time manually from wp-admin.
  • Works good for major screen size devices(check demo for more experience).
  • Works in all major browsers.
  • WordPress Multi Site Compatible.
  • Localization Ready.


WooClassify is a complete classified eCommerce solution. Sell & buy classified ads with WooCommerce plugin easy.

The plugin is for ClassiPress Themefor Advertisement by AppThemes.

WooClassify = WooCommerce Plugin + ClassiPress Theme

The plugin allow sellers to add an ad(which is basic functionality of ClassiPress theme) while WooClassify plugin allow the shopping cart facility with integration of WooCommerce plugin to buy the ads as product.


Seller Features

  • The ad poster will become seller.
  • Seller has option to either sell the ad or not.
  • Seller can manage stock & stock qty of ad.
  • Add the purchase note while add/edit an ad
  • Whether stock management enabled and stock quantity is out of stock then ad will display as out of stock.
  • Similarly while seller mark the ad as sold, the buy now button gone and no one can buy the ad.
  • Seller will receive the sell notification email.
  • Seller can get the earning reports, filter by ads name & dates period.
  • Seller can also get the total sold ads & total earning.
  • Seller can never change order status. Only admin can manage order from wp-admin.

Buyer Features

  • Buyer can select the ad and add to shopping basket.
  • After all purchase user can continue the checkout process.
  • On checkout buyer can completed the payment.
  • Buyer has options to select payment gateways supported by wooCommerce. like paypal, Cash On Delivery, Bank transfer and all.
  • Buyer will get the order notification email.

Site Admin Features

  • Admin can add/edit an ad and mark for sell or not.
  • Admin can see all features of seller while manage ads.
  • Admin can see all orders list and manage it.
  • Manage all woocommerce features.
  • Add new payment gateway supported by woocommerce.
  • Manage shipping and all.
  • Check the selling report by woocommerce report system.
  • Add new featurs by adding new plugins supported by woocommerce plugin.
  • Site admin has plugin settings option.
  • Seller email can be enabled/disabled form settings.
  • Admin can edit email from email, subject and message.
  • The order notification email copy will be send to site admin.
  • Admin can change buy now button design by edit html text or html image text from plugin settings.
  • Show/Hide buy now button.
  • Enable or disable the WooCommerce JavaScripts & CSS to optimize the site.
  • Manage seller’s report page.
  • Manage seller email settings.
  • Change seller email from email id, subject and message text.
  • All payments will deposited to site owner account. There is not any individual seller account while user pay to buy the ad. eg: if you have paypal payment gateway on checkout, the payment deposit to site admin account (as per added from wp-admin > woocommerce > paypal settings) not to the seller paypal account.

Site Admin Responsibility

  • As the payment deposited to site admin payment account, the admin is responsible to pay monthly payment to each seller(an ad poster). Eg: site owner should pay the monthly payment of last month to every 15th of the month.
  • The benefit is, avoid fraud.
  • Deduct the site owner commission from seller payment.
  • Site owner get benefit to invest the payment money until paid to seller.
  • Get the monthly turn over of site.
  • Popularity of product and promotion accordingly.

How the plugin works?

  • The plugin don’t contain any shopping cart or checkout process or any payment gateways.
  • The plugin create a bridge between ClassiPress Theme and WooCommerce plugin (which is one of the most popular eCommerce shopping cart plugin for wordpress).
  • The Classipress theme user can add the Ads form front end.
  • And the WooCommerce Plugin will add shopping cart & eCommerce functionality.
  • So by the use of the plugin the interface between Classipress theme & wooCommerce plugin created such a way the you can buy & sell the ads as normal eCommerce product.
  • The plugin manage all back-end process about product management and order settings.

What you have to check before buy this plugin?

  • Get the wooCommerce plugin form wordpress.org which is free of charge.
  • Active the wooCommerce plugin
  • Follow the wooCommerce guide about setup and all other notes.
  • Check the my account page from wooCommerce > Settings > Pages section.
  • Setup and check all other pages like cart page, checkout page and all…
  • You must setup the wooCommerce plugin completely.
  • Add some sample products from wp-admin > Products section.
  • View the product on front end and try to buy.
  • View the product added in the cart.
  • Continue checkout process.
  • Check the payment gateways.
  • Complete the order and check the order in wp-admin > wooCommerce > Orders section.
  • Check my account page on front end.
  • Check your order and user address details and all
  • If every thing is working then only you can user this plugin otherwise it is useless.
  • There will be no refund if you have bought plugin without any pre requirement setup and checking.

Ad Opportunities

The plugin is for ClassiPress Themefor Advertisement by AppThemes.

Banner advertisement to maximize your ad revenue from visiting users. The plugin allow registered users to select & add the advertisement banners and/or advertisement script like Google Ads, Video embed etc. Site admin can manage, change, and remove from wp-admin easily.

The WooCommerce Plugin should be installed if you want users to purchase the banner space from front side.

Site admin can manage banner spaces to be display on front end via plugin settings page from wp-admin. We have added maximum possibility of display advertisement via the plugin and easily show/hide by plugin settings.

Display banners for each individual pages (eg: home page, each category & tags pages, ads, blog post and content detail pages ).

If you have 100 pages on your site so you have possibility to display ads is 100 multiply by the banners spaces you have selected.

Just like if you have selected above & below header banner, above & below footer banners & above and below sidebar banners so total is 6 banners.

So now you have total banner spaces to buy for users is 100 multiply by 6 (100 x 6) equal to 600 banners you can display for you complete site.

Of cause the banner position value(price) will be common for all 100 pages like if you have create a product for $10 and selected for above & below header, for whole ads detail pages while any buyer going to buy the ads banner space he will charged $10 only.

Like wise if you want different banner space price for above & below footer, you should create new product and manage settings from plugin settings to charge the price as per you decided.

Initially the plugin have common price selection and settings options.

Like currently there is only one option to display default banner on above header space for whole site. Same way all other options are same so price value for all pages for particular banner space will be common for whole site.

So if the plugin is on demand, that time we will plan to add different settings options for home pages, listing pages and detail pages. So the site owner can change the banner space price for home page, listing pages and detail pages.



Significant Features:

  • Banner Advertisement to maximize your Ad revenue.
  • Display banners for each pages.
  • Users to buy banner space via WooCommerce Plugin.
  • Banner space charges managed by admin.
  • Individual banner size settings. eg: different width X height for each space as per required.
  • Different Banner spaces for pages.
  • Admin can see the orders(revenue) and manage report (like all features of WooCommerce).
  • Admin can set the default advertisement if there is no banner to display.
  • As soon as order approved user can manage the advertisement banner from “My Account” page.
  • Cron job feature to refresh new banners and expired banner management automatically.
  • Admin can manage or change user banners and all…
  • Expiry days settings for each banner spaces.
  • Display multiple banners on same space buy sliding effect.
  • Banner spaces for different places like Above & Below Header, Beside logo, Above & Below Footer, Above & Below Content area, under comments section… See the screen image of plugin settings of more details
  • Image media uploaded and selection for front end users.
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.2.0+
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 2.0.0+


eClassify is a premium ClassiPress child theme, It has a rich, stylish, professional and clean responsive design and it comes loaded with lots of features to take your classified ads site to the next level.

eClassify is incredibly powerful theme where you can change the look and feel of your site in few click.

Live Demo

Styled Site Demo

Admin Demo


  • Easy & Extensive Theme Options:  It is the first classipress child theme that uses its own theme options panel, It  has very easy and comprehensive set of theme options that will help you configure and modify everything  in your site easily. No coding skills required. All come out of the box !
  • Responsive layout :  eClassify Theme has a responsive layout compatible with all devices. Try it yourself, while browsing the theme’s demo resize the window to see how it automatically adapts.
  • Grid/List Mode : Eclassify is packed with grid/list view, Yet, you can still set the default mode. It’s set to grid for a fancy and impact look and feel.
  • 8 Color schemes: eClassify comes with 8 predefined skins and theme options layouts that you may use for different purposes. One click to switch the style of your site.
  • Advertising module: More over than the default classipress advertising spots, eClassify is packed with enhanced advertising modules that helps you to turn your site into a hits generator.
  • Revolution slider: The most advanced responsive slider with powerful options panel is now included in Eclassify with a one click install.
  • Custom styles: You need more customization?, You can add custom CSS directly the from admin panel. It allows you to change theme look without editing core theme files. And what is important, custom CSS rules are stored in database and will be saved after theme update.
  • Localisation support:  eClassify is ready to be translated into any language you want using the .po/.mo files. It uses the same language pack of classipress.
  • Compatible with Classipress 3.3:  Eclassify is completely compatible with and the functions of classipress 3.3.

Key Features:

eClassify is bundled with amazing features:

  • Clean and modern Design,
  • 100% Fully Responsive Design  (Optimized and  Tested),
  • 8 predefined skins, switch the look and feel you like in the theme options panel,
  • Theme options panel: an enhanced admin panel was created for eClassify,
  • Customizable home page tabs,(Option in the admin),
  • Remove tabs, change their orders, rename them, all this available in the admin,
  • A $19 value Advertising module , Monetize your site easily by inserting ad spots into the home page, between ad listings, on top of the ad details, bellow the description in the ad page, in the head and in the footer.
  • Use image or adsense or any other script in the field of the advertising modules,
  • Unlimited colors and custom backgrounds (Option in the admin),
  • Custom colors: Set the color of the site, the buttons, the main border, the font, the menu items,(Option in the admin),
  • Use a background color or image (Option in the admin),
  • Choose 100% background image, or varying repeat options (Option in the admin),
  • 32 pattern backgrounds included (Option in the admin),
  • Featured ads on the top (Option in the admin),
  • Site layouts: change the layout of your site with one click. (Option in the admin),
  • Left or right sidebar (Option in the admin),
  • 1 Footer area, 2 or 3 or 4, You set how many columns you want for your footer.
  • Highlighting the featured ads with a red ribbon (Option in the admin),
  • More social networks linked to your site,
  • Social networks’ sharing, Allow users to share the ads of your site to their facebook,twitter and linkedin. The best way to boost your web site’s visits (Option in the admin),
  • Extra top menu with 2 level submenus,
  • Fully Tested for WordPress 3.5, and compatible with Classipress 3.3,
  • Custom CSS (Option in the admin),
  • All this, no code changes requires, all done within the admin panel,
  • And many more!

On Going Premium Support

We have a team ready to listen what you have to say, either small problems or issues. We care about your site as much as you do, and we work daily to provide the best after sales support around possible.
If you have any question, Use the comments’ form, login to eClassify forums, or Send to us an email to contact @ jobthemes.com.