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WP Export - Post back - excel format - bulk upload & update - wpwebs

WP Export is a plugin to get all your blog’s published and draft post data in Microsoft Excel format as output. The post data means, post Title, Description, Excerpt, Categories, Tags and all other custom fields which you have used for your blog post. You can also makes changes in it and and save as CSV (Comma Delimited) format.

You can use this CSV file to import this data wherever you want. What ever data you have inserted in you CSV file will be inserted to your blog with necessary category and tags. In case if any category is not already created in the blog, the plugin will add new category and post will be automatically assigned to it. So you don’t worry about creating category and all.

Even via CSV you can insert all basic post information with post custom fields and images. You need to insert image name only. Image will be assigned to related folder in wp-content/uploads folder as per wordpress upload format. You can see the post images while editing the inserted post, from post media section above editor. You can see the image data and URL also. Now you need to upload the images to that folder what you have seen with image URL. Other way is while you have inserted the post data via WP Upload/Mass Upload, you will given the message for images, how to and where to upload or transfer the images. Simply follow those instructions and its done.

– Please make sure “post_title” column should included in the CSV file otherwise system will never accept the data.
– New data will insert every time as per the file you are uploading.
– Backup the database before doing any process.
– Backup may helpful in the case of any mistake or accident data lost.


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