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Ticket Calendar Plugin

Ticket Calendar Plugin for Quality Control theme for WordPress by Appthemes.

Ticket Calendar plugin is additional features for Quality Calendar Theme. The plugin is operated via shortcode.

The shortcode is :: [quality_calendar]

Additional features of shortcodes:
[quality_calendar caltype=month y=2012 m=01]

Variables ::
Calendar Type : caltype=month/year
Year of calendar : y=2012
Month for calendar : m=01

Demo for Yearly calendar

Demo for monthly calendar

Significant Features:

  • Ticket Calendar for Quality Control
  • The ticket calendar shortcode is :: [quality_calendar]
  • Monthly & yearly Calendar type as per shortcode
  • Show calendar for specific month & year
  • Datewise ticket count to show list of tickets while mousehover
  • Ticket ID, ticket Status & title with link
  • CSS base ticket list popup
  • Admin settings to change week day title & calendar color & style
  • Compatible with Quality Control 0.5.2+
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