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Banners Galore Vantage


Vantage is the original & most popular Vantage theme for WordPress by Appthemes.

Banner Advertisement to maximize your Ad revenue. The plugin allow you to add the Advertisement Banner and Advertisement Script like Google Ads.

You can set the Different Advertisement for defend pages like Home page, Different Category Listing Page, Ads Detail pages, Content Pages for Different Places like Above Header, Below Header, Above Footer, Below Footer, Above listing start, Below listing end. Also for Ads detail page above and below ads description. Same way the plugin has the feature such a way that you can set your advertisement after every ads listing of 2,3,4,5 or 6 for listing Page. Please see screen images & demo for more details.

Significant Features:

  • Banner Advertisement to maximize your Ad revenue.
  • Different Banner spaces for Different places & pages
  • Banner spaces for different places like Above & Below Header, Above & Below Footer, Above listing start & Below listing end
  • Banner space option for Ads detail page above and below ads description
  • Banner spaces options for Individual Category Listing, To get more advertisement space can set deferent banners for all listing category pages
  • Different Banner options for Home page, Ads Details pages, Content Pages & Blog Pages
  • Sequential Banner ads after every number of ads like after every 2 ads or after every 3 ads and so on..
  • Compatible with Vantage 1.1.4+

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