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Changing the Google Maps Language

In order to change the in-map language as well as the directions output language, slight modification to two lines of code needs to take place.

Example of Google Maps in French:


Open the google map code  and search for the following line:

There are multiple instances of this line, all need to be changed to the following:

This will change the map to French.

Language Identifier
Afrikaans af
Albanian sq
Basque eu
Belarusian be
Bulgarian bg
Catalan ca
Chinese (Simplified) zh-cn
Chinese (Traditional) zh-tw
Croatian hr
Czech cs
Danish da
Dutch nl
Dutch (Belgium) nl-be
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-nl
English en
English (Australia) en-au
English (Belize) en-bz
English (Canada) en-ca
English (Ireland) en-ie
English (Jamaica) en-jm
English (New Zealand) en-nz
English (Phillipines) en-ph
English (South Africa) en-za
English (Trinidad) en-tt
English (United Kingdom) en-gb
English (United States) en-us
English (Zimbabwe) en-zw
Estonian et
Faeroese fo
Finnish fi
French fr
French (Belgium) fr-be
French (Canada) fr-ca
French (France) fr-fr
French (Luxembourg) fr-lu
French (Monaco) fr-mc
French (Switzerland) fr-ch
Galician gl
Gaelic gd
German de
German (Austria) de-at
German (Germany) de-de
German (Liechtenstein) de-li
German (Luxembourg) de-lu
German (Switzerland) de-ch
Greek el
Hawaiian haw
Hungarian hu
Icelandic is
Indonesian in
Irish ga
Italian it
Italian (Italy) it-it
Italian (Switzerland) it-ch
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Macedonian mk
Norwegian no
Polish pl
Portuguese pt
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-br
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-pt
Romanian ro
Romanian (Moldova) ro-mo
Romanian (Romania) ro-ro
Russian ru
Russian (Moldova) ru-mo
Russian (Russia) ru-ru
Serbian sr
Slovak sk
Slovenian sl
Spanish es
Spanish (Argentina) es-ar
Spanish (Bolivia) es-bo
Spanish (Chile) es-cl
Spanish (Colombia) es-co
Spanish (Costa Rica) es-cr
Spanish (Dominican Republic) es-do
Spanish (Ecuador) es-ec
Spanish (El Salvador) es-sv
Spanish (Guatemala) es-gt
Spanish (Honduras) es-hn
Spanish (Mexico) es-mx
Spanish (Nicaragua) es-ni
Spanish (Panama) es-pa
Spanish (Paraguay) es-py
Spanish (Peru) es-pe
Spanish (Puerto Rico) es-pr
Spanish (Spain) es-es
Spanish (Uruguay) es-uy
Spanish (Venezuela) es-ve
Swedish sv
Swedish (Finland) sv-fi
Swedish (Sweden) sv-se
Turkish tr
Ukranian uk
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WooCommerce 2.1.1 Version



You can see that WooThemes has released new version of WooCommerce (the most famous and great wordpress ecommerce free plugin). The wooCommerce versios 2.1.1 is released on 2014-02-10.  Meanwhile our team was working on a wooCommerce theme development since more than one month. As soon as we upgrade the wooCommerce  plugin we found that wooCommerce has changed many functions and added new features. As per the previous version of wooCommerce, every thing was working ok but as soon as we upgrade the plugin the theme stop working.

We also found that if you have changed product listing page, products detail pages and wooCommerce  setting pages like forgot password, my account, edit profile …. all are changed. So in case you are using the wooCommerce theme working in previous version of wooCommerce, make sure to have backup must that if the theme is highly customize, major function will stop working and may cause your site stop working.

It is very good thing to continue your site working with previous version of WooCommers instead of latest updated plugin.

Thanks to reading. Have a nice day.